About HEART Rescue

We are an incorporated not-for-profit all-volunteer animal rescue group. Founded in 2010 by Queens native Toni Roman, HEART Rescue has helped many dogs find permanent, safe homes. A testament to Toni’s dedication, within the first year, HEART placed 9 dogs with pre-existing medical conditions in happy homes, a feat no other local rescue group would tackle (broken legs, heart surgeries, hip replacements, blindness, and heart worm are just some of the conditions the now-adopted dogs have made it through, thanks to Toni’s help). HEART Rescue is a member of the Mayor’s Alliance of New York City Animals and Best Friends Animal Society.

HEART Rescue runs entirely on donations and volunteered time. Animal health care and boarding costs are rising, so donations and animal sponsorship’s go such a long way toward making a difference in these animals’ lives. Please visit our Support HEART page for information on donating, sponsoring a dog, and volunteering!

About Our Dogs

All of our adoptable dogs:
Have been dog and cat tested
Are up-to-date on vaccines, spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, microchipped and have been seen by a trusted vet
Have a basic grasp of commends

We are in partnership with:

Dog Stories TV    

Dog Stories is an episodic half-hour television show featuring extraordinary stories about dogs told by the people who love them.




About Toni

Toni Roman – “It happened 19 years ago that I got involved with animal rescue when we had a stray in my neighborhood. It was a beautiful black Chow Chow that my neighbors and my aunt were feeding and giving shelter. I knew I wanted to help, so I placed an ad in the newspaper stating we’d found this black Chow: no response! The city shelter would have put her down in 72 hours if no one claimed her. This was my first experience with how the city shelter system works, and I was disappointed.  I contacted my vet regarding finding a rescue group. He gave me 2 Chow rescue groups in the Long Island area. I knew then that I wanted to help save as many homeless animals as I could. I became a member of a rescue group based in New Jersey for  4 years. Then in 2001, I co-founded Chow Rescue Group in the New York City area with a partner. I really have a passion for Chows and chow mixes, but I just knew there were so many homeless dogs out there that needed help. In 2010 I founded my own group, HEART Rescue. Our goal is to save as many homeless animals as possible, no matter the breed.”

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  1. I just wanted to say hi and thank you for rescuing these beautiful babies. I saw one on your site, got excited, then saw you were in New York. While I love NY, I live in Tacoma, WA. I had a golden ret and chow puppy for 14 years, and god bless him, he was the best friend I would ever ask for. I spend hours a day looking at chow sites, looking for a beauty like mine. I was so fortunate to find my boy in the shelter, but it’s really hard when what you want is so elusive…anyway, keep on loving those chows…..Diane Daly

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