Have you found a dog you love? Congratulations, and thank you for supporting HEART Rescue! On this page you will find information about adoption, the adoption procedure, and the adoption application form.

Adopting from HEART Rescue

We are committed to placing the right dog with the right family. Our adoption application form will give us an idea of what type of dog would fit your lifestyle, guaranteeing that each dog finds its forever home.

As pet health care and boarding costs are rising drastically, we need to rely on donations to continue saving animals. At the time of adoption, we ask for a completely tax-deductible contribution to cover a portion of vet bills, boarding and basic behavioral training.

The adoption fee includes ensuring your dog is up-to-date on rabies and other shots, ensuring he or she is heartworm, tick, and flea-free, some basic obedience and behavioral training, a new collar and leash, and a drop-off at your house or apartment. (Note: HEART Rescue adopts only within a 5-hour radius of Long Island, NY.)

The Adoption Procedure

1. Find a dog you like.
2. Visit our Contact page to schedule a time to meet your future pet.
3. Fill out and submit the adoption application form.  Please email us to receive an application: via email.
4. When you’ve visited with your dog, and you’re sure they’re the one, we will contact your references, and within a week, we will contact you about adopting your new family member to your home!

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